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Jun 17, 2011
@ 2:13 pm

The story behind ( ) at UCB this Saturday.

( )

I know we’ve been quite vague in our promotion of ( ) so I wanted to take a second to talk about our show this coming Saturday night and say thanks to everyone who came out during our initial four week run.

We put an insane amount of work into these shows and during our training phase have tested our limits both emotionally and physically (yes, physically). I can definitely say that we all truly care about these shows in a way that can be both emotionally and physically unsafe (yes, physically). Many people have jokingly referred to us as a cult, which in an objective sense isn’t far off. However, the only difference between us and a cult is that instead of placing our trust and confidence in some outside force or notion like a cult does, we place our faith in each other and then once a week we place that faith in our audience. That said, I want to thank everyone who has come out and been in the audience (and consequently the show) and encourage you to come to UCBNY this Saturday night at Midnight to see our first “non-class” show.

We were given the opportunity to perform outside of our initial four-week run after the pre-scheduled “The Gathering of the Juggalos for a Mother Fucking Baby Funeral" was cancelled after a threat of legal action from the Insane Clown Posse and a justified fear that actual Juggalos were going to show up and be physically unhappy (yes, physically). As a result, we were given the chance to fill the spot, not as a fifth class show, but as our first non-class show.

That said, whether this would be your first or fifth time seeing ( ), I urge you to come out and see how it goes. There will likely be angry Juggalos at the show looking to exact revenge at the previously scheduled show and hopefully their anger will subside and they will find something for themselves within our hour of ( ) improv. If not, and they just want to fight people, just know that every time you come to one of our shows we consider you a part of ( ) and as a result we have your back both emotionally and physically (yes, physically).

We’re all very excited for this show, and as usual we have no idea what’s going to happen once those lights go up. All I know is that we’re going to fill those parenthesis with something. Come find out (with us) what it’s going to be.

We might not stick the landing, but we’ll always try the back-flip.

( )

Saturday @Midnight @ UCBNY

( )